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What exactly is meditation? Why should people meditate?
Once as a child I had a daydream. I saw the world from above and saw that the world is wonderful. I believed at that time, that the world is a paradise. Getting older my picture of the world changed. I believed, that in order to live a happy life, one should accumulate a lot of knowlegde. So I studied dilligently and my intellectual knowledge improved more and more.

But one day I noticed, that my thoughts became more complicated day by day. My knowledge about things made me powerful, but the world didn't seem to be as wonderful as before. The more complex the structure of thoughts became, the more complicated and unnatural it got. I asked myself: Is it really true, that if one knows a lot , one does have a happy life?

This question occupied me a lot, and I discovered, that it is very important, not to identify with our thoughts, to reduce ourselfs to thoughts, because our thoughts are simply a repository for our memories. If I identify with my intellect, my true nature is hidden, hidden because of the moves of my intellect.

Meditation means to observe our intellect to find out how it works. This means we should get apart from our intellect, because we are not only this intellect. Without the confusion of intellect and soul it is possible, to see things as they are, simple and clearly. The Gong can be helpful in finding this way because it helps to focus with all senses.

So I rediscovered the happy feeling that comes through if life's energy runs through the heart.