"Sounding Paintings"

In the history of paintings there has been no attempt to use Gongs as a canvas. Since the year of the millenium in 2000, gongs, which I create myself, have been my artistic medium.

The gong serves as a canvas for abstract paintings, freely combined calligraphic signs, that are spontaneously created in an interrelated process of meditation and artistic expression.

As a picture, a sculpture, an instrument and for its ritual purpose these pieces of art have a significant unique selling point amongst the „Contemporary Fine Arts.“
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the word derives from the javanese language and simply describes the sound. For 3500 years gongs have existed in the world. From Java (Indonesia) the Gong has spread all over the world.

In the beginning the Javanese used the Gong for meditation: The performer plays the Gong, listens to the sound and meditates, lets the thoughts calm down; without interpretation, judging it all the time. With the deep silence found it is possible to let the vibrations fill the resonating cavity within our bodys, the permeability of the body gets noticeable and thereby ponded energy in different body regions can be released, so that body, mind and soul are in harmony again..
The art of playing the Gong...

Everyone can play it immediately. There are no special skills to be obtained. In contact with the Gong it is easy to be more loving with yourself and your environment. These big Gongs are especially adequate for this purpose. If you make them sing, millions of frequencies (waves) are created at the same time. Those frequencies help to make ponded energy within our bodys flow again.

The ethnological museum of Berlin aquired one of my artwork „sounding paintings“ This piece of artwork is the first collection for the reconstruction of Berlin City Palace named "Humboldt Forum".
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Please let me know, if you plan an exhibition, concert or other event or if you like to purchase a piece of my artwork "Sounding paintings" for your collection.

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