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The art of playing the Gong...

As a musical instrument Gongs have a big advantage:

Everyone can play it immediately. There are no special skills to be obtained. With the Gong it is possible to express feelings as well as to cause feelings. In contact with the Gong it is easy to be more loving with yourself and your environment. These big Gongs are especially adequate for this purpose. If you make them sing, millions of frequencies (waves) are created at the same time. Those frequencies help to make ponded energy within our bodys flow again.

"Be regardful, attentive and loving, if you make the Gong sound. Observe the sounds and waves of the Gong within your body, let the breathing calm down, and flow with the vanishing tone into the silence. It is important not to interpret whether the sound is nice or not or whether it is too loud or not. It is essential to simply listen and release !"